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Expert help for families living with mental illness and addiction

Finding mental health assistance can feel daunting and complicated. Dr. Nirvana's  concierge wraparound service makes the process simpler and less stressful.

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Individual Counseling

Individual counseling for addiction and the necessary support on the journey towards complete mental and physical wellness. 

Concierge Psychiatry*

A bespoke online service including diagnostic assessment and medication management

*exclusively for private clients in South Africa

Family Recovery Coaching

Support and guidance to the parents, partners and family members of people with addiction, as well as couples in recovery. 

Aftercare & Case Management

Professional, comprehensive  services to help support post-inpatient rehabilitation in addiction.


For over a decade, Dr. Nirvana has helped hundreds of individuals and families living with mental illness and addiction

Dr Morgan is an award-winning specialist in mental health and addiction


Dr. Nirvana is an award-winning specialist in mental health and addiction.

Qualifications: Medical Doctor, Consultant Psychiatrist, Masters in Medicine (psychiatry), PhD in Addiction Psychiatry, Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT).

She embodies a deep commitment to assisting families impacted by mental health and addiction—those often marginalized by the conventional treatment system.

What clients say

Father of 16 year old son

"We were totally lost on how to deal with my son’s addiction which resulted in an altercation at home and him leaving to stay at a friend." "Nirvana's advice and guidance right from the first session provided us with so much of insight that led us to believe that we could handle him if we approached things differently. Nirvana has never communicated with my son, but she has guided my wife and I on so many occasions and has been able to improve my son’s reaction and actions. Her tools that she provided to us even though we resisted at times always gave us the results that we were looking for. My wife and I are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity of having Nirvana coach us. I sincerely value Nirvana’s commitment to her patients and the help she has provided us as parents is invaluable on this journey of supporting us and dealing with my son’s recovery path."

68 year old woman, Johannesburg

"I abused over the counter pain killers and my prescription medication. It caused me to fall badly and become spastic. I wouldn't able to function for 3 days but I couldn't control myself. " "Dr Morgan worked with me persistently. Most of the time patiently other times firmly. I am grateful that she never gave up on me, even sending me to a very capable rehab. This turned my life around. I have been clean since 2016. I was very happy to hear of her success but also felt a deep source of loss when she left South Africa."


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